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2014 Toyota Sienna



Family life can keep you on the go. Luckily, the 2014 new Toyota Sienna can help you keep up. Toyota Sienna vans have a wide

stance and streamlined profile, it looks and handles like a performance car. With the new Toyota Sienna’s efficient 3.5L V6

engine, you’ll have the power to take the fast lane, without having to take the kids’ allowance to pay for gas. Inside, it’s a model of

space and versatility. Plus, it’s loaded with technology that will impress the little ones and the grown-ups. The new 2014 Toyota Sienna.





We want to wish a special thank you to some of our recent Toyota customers


Dolores from Raleigh, NC 2013 Toyota Sienna
David from Henderson, NC 2013 Toyota Camry
William from Wake Forest,NC  2012 Toyota Prius
Kevin from South Hill, VA 2013 Toyota Avalon
 Gerald from Youngsville,NC  2013 Toyota Corolla
 Tarrell from Whitakers, NC  2013 Toyota Venza
 Duane from Henderson,NC  2013 Toyota Tundra